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Driving Along

When driving along,
Things pass by,
Right and left,
I only seem to sigh.

I miss the things,
That are on the way,
Even though,
They’re clearly on display.

I’m looking straight ahead,
I have to be there fast,
Where is it I’m going?
Will this feeling last?

I’m recognizing that,
Though I’m on my way,
I’m completely lost,
There’s no time to play.

To enjoy the things,
I see there on the road,
I simply drive along,
Ignoring all bestowed.

The beauty of this world,
The people in it here,
Now I’m slowing down,
It’s becoming clear.

It’s time to take a break,
To break this deadly drive,
It’s the only way,
I’m going to survive.

I’ve stopped looking ahead,
Now I can look around,
At what is behind me,
Even at the ground.

by Aisha Sherazi

Comments (3)

Great write, Aisha... and a valuable message. Brian
10,10,10,10, Applaud! Applaud! this is full of wisdom words that crack through doubt, Love Duncan XXX
The road of've expressed it so well with this poem! It's one of those perfect poems from all points of view, it really makes you think! But it might be also a poem about the road of a heart, of love! I love the way it is accelerated ot first, and then it stops, looking around, and behind, 'Even at the ground'. ~~Elya Thorn~~