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Driving Drunk
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Driving Drunk

Because of my stupidity A mother and daughter are no longer alive.
One night I decided to drink and drive.
I hit their car and knocked it off the road.
Because of me a little girl will not have the chance to grow.

They might have survived if they would've had their seat belts on.
Now I'm in prison and I hate myself because they're gone.
I lie awake on these sleepless nights and pray that I die.
When I think of it, I put my head in my hands and cry.

I can keep saying I'm sorry for a million years.
But that won't take away their loved ones pain and tears.
Because of me they're both dead.
If you're considering driving drunk, take a taxi instead.

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This is very poignant Randy, as last night, a young girl of 19 was run down and killed by four youths who had been drinking, they then drove off and set fire to their car some distance away. The girl had disintegrated with the force of impact. It happened in the next road to where I live and it really upset me, to think of her wasted life. This poem really brings it home to me how stupid these youngsters and older poeple too, can be. Sorry about this, did'nt want to be gruesome. The message you give is so important Good poem. Sincerely Ernestine Northover.