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''''''' Driving Force
PIH (17/09/1987 / )

''''''' Driving Force

The wind propels the giant wind mills
Refined fuel impels the car uphill
A void may propel a warm friendship
But what’s the force that has me in grip?

It’s the feel of the sunrays
When it’s a bright sunny day
It’s the feel of the droplets
When the rains are incessant.

It’s a caring word in this cruel world
When you need a hand to hold
It’s a loving embrace
When sorrow you’re trying to replace.

It’s the sheer will power hypnotizing me
When I’m trapped and yearn to be free
It’s the zeal to prove my mettle
When I’m written off in total.

It’s the hate that runs in my veins
When I want for myself a better place
It’s the support from family and friends
When the future holds staggering ascends.

But one thing that drives me more
Than any of the reasons named above
Is the creator, the almighty
And the faith I have in him.

Because he is the force
Behind each of my drive
And he is the source
For helping me survive-

Not just as another human
Not just as another puppet
But as a person who’s here
To make a difference!


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