JGA (16 December 1943 / Nottingham)

Driving In The Sunshine

Driving in the Sunshine,
Boy! ! it is hot today,
Quite a change for England,
Hip-hip-hip hooray.

Taking a short lunch break,
With a cup of hot tea,
A nice way to cool down,
Before continuing on my way.

Drove two hours this morning,
For an interview to attend,
Not certain of the outcome,
But I will be confident until the end.

The sky above has gone cloudy,
I hope we do not get rain,
What can you expect in England,
Will there be sun again?

Will drive back later to London.
Hope to miss the Rush Hour,
Will the weather stay fine for me?
Or will there be a rain shower?

Copyright (c) Jonathan Goldman [JGthepoet] - 7 June 2006

Composed in the Coffee Shop of the Marriott Courtyard, Leamington Spa]

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