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Home And Love

Home And Love

Just Home and Love! the words are small
Four little letters unto each;
And yet you will not find in all
The wide and gracious range of speech
Two more so tenderly complete:
When angels talk in Heaven above,
I'm sure they have no words more sweet
Than Home and Love.

Just Home and Love! it's hard to guess
Which of the two were best to gain;
Home without Love is bitterness;
Love without Home is often pain.
No! each alone will seldom do;
Somehow they travel hand and glove:
If you win one you must have two,
Both Home and Love.

And if you've both, well then I'm sure
You ought to sing the whole day long;
It doesn't matter if you're poor
With these to make divine your song.
And so I praisefully repeat,
When angels talk in Heaven above,
There are no words more simply sweet
Than Home and Love.

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How they did it. Sorry for your loss indeed mother ar in a diffrnt category. A geat write n imagery
I can relate.While in shock 1 culd drive auto pilot is a feeln dat 1 wil always luck bac 2 an wonda
Paul, just read this poem - I'm sorry she didn't make a good recovery. I hope the time before her passing was happy for you both.
This is such an intimate poem. Having recently lost my own mother, I have at least an inkling of your feelings. The actions are all auto-pilot, as you, said, It seems to me it doesn't really matter whether death is expected or even welcomed... the loss is still truly the same. Sorry for your loss, Mike
This poem illustrates the chaos that ensues in the aftermath of the death of a close relative. The fact that the bureaucratic process tries to define the allotted time necessary for grieving, coupled with the strange things we remember such as stopping to look at books in a random bookshop and 'feeling the need to be clean for her' so beautifully and poignantly illustrates just how it is. 'feeling the need to be clean for her'
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