Drizzle Drizzle, Moody Rain

raking and aching my stomach is freaking bad
the sun don't care the heat is in reign
catch the cold air dying, simply aggravating
kick back look back a kick to the back
cover ears and opened eyes, peace, piece of pie
mumble and tumble, going in circles
smile and frown make it upside down
day is dark and night is calm, optical illusion
red blood, blue water, colours of the world, green earth
solid pill, take a gulp feel better then feel bad
make a note, take a note, give a note, its a lesson
take back, give something back take it all, give it all
sun don't shine where the shadows over, over time, over time
cars engine roars like thunder, fast lane walking like crazy
relax take a breath make a mood, drizzle, drizzle here rain comes
close your eyes listen calmly, take a short shut eye!

by August de Leon

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