Drop The Weapons

Poem By Shahida Latif

Drop the weapons and hold in your hands,
Tufts of coloured roses, the boughs of olives,
Or handful of fragrant flowers of jasmine,
Throw them all upon your enemies just once,
To kill carnage that murdered the humanity.

If you do not have roses to petal the paths,
Disarm yourselves, throws the guns, bombs,
And missile launching catapults into the seas;
Pick up shovels, pikes and scythes, to clear
The land, make the beds, soften untilled soil,
Manure, plant cuttings in the growing season,
And water them, watch the shoots budding,
Then pluck them all to meet the demand.
Although wars have remained unbanished,
Since centuries, yet you can send them exile,
In a day, or a month, but not more than a year.

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Yes this is what the LOVE what we are to and what should be for us very simple and very straight

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