My Legs going round and round,
Resting over the pedals of my cycle,
As I rode through the silent lane- with
My friend by my side cycling equally well;
Blabbering a lot with her;
Looking up at the plain azure sky,
I lost myself in reverie.
Cool breeze gently broke from behind,
Pushing me forward,
Of course helping me in other way;
We rode past milestones- but
I never realized how soon the clouds appeared robbing off
The plain beauty of sky-until,
The first droplet fell on my eyelid.
Quivering my eyelid in surprise,
I glanced back at the sky-but
Droplets dropped down one by one,
It penetrated through the cotton threads,
Touching my skin-rousing
The hidden romance within me;
Excitement running through my nerves
By that time I realized that,
Mother Nature had bathed me with her gentle love,
My clothes stuck to my body- thereby,
Made me to move faster- but
I couldn’t, as my mind implored me to stay back.
Taking a short break, by the wayside temple,
I stood with my friend, enjoying the coolness-of
Water droplets trickling inside,
Through the side of the sliding roof-and
The little pores, allowing the droplets to sneak in.
One by one the vehicles and people made entry,
Turning the temple as a parking zone;
Congestion has to be avoided – we thought,
Soused in rain we took off again,
Reached home within few minutes;
Drying our clothes and having some hot drink,
I lied down immersed in nature’s love.

by Jusline Zachariah

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Most enjoyable. Thanks
This is absolutely beautiful, thank you Jusline. Sue.