Dropping That Bag Of Guilt

Poem By Ace Of Black Hearts

Seeds of doubt for action you have done.
He who is not whom I became.
I forgave myself a long time ago.
A devil and an angel on ones shoulder.
Which wisdom do you believe?
What if it is neither.
Under no influence.
The choices all mine.
Music playing in the background so sublime.
A tearful moment.
Revelation of self control.
Breaking out of my cage.
Shedding my skin.
Finding the true soul within.
I don't care if anyone is even listening.
Oh my god, and the heart takes a leap then a nod.
The word finally comes to mind.
The moment I have been waiting for all my life.
I don't feel the guilt, and I'm not ashamed.
I don't need to hide my face or change my name.
No secret is ever worth it.
This is my party and I am coming out.
Ha, ha, no not in that way.
But the idea is the same.
In those I use too blame.
Accountability held and formed into the greatest shield.
Admitting the truth, toasting to you, then bury these bags of bricks in that grave.
Time for a shave, time to play a little dress up, time to go out dancing for my self.
Hold the whole world up on my shoulders for too damn long.
I keep hearing those words stop punishing yourself.
Thank you for that my dear friend.
Every chapter comes to an end and this yours.

Comments about Dropping That Bag Of Guilt

Ace you are an Ace at bringing out emotion in your poem. Yeah come out of your shell and face real reality. PGA...its not gonna be pretty or what you think. Trump has messed up.

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