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Drops Of Crimson On The Pillowcase
ES (February 4,1990 / Mt. Airy, NC)

Drops Of Crimson On The Pillowcase

Crimson Raindrops fall
from a Black Sky of regret.
Crimson Tears rain down the
Twisted, Contorted Face of
Every Child's Nightmare.
Crimson Droplets soak into
an already saturated ground
while the Shallow Cuts of the
plow grow Deeper
at the hands of a
Vengeful Demon.
Crimson Fire rains from his
Pointed Teeth
as He Beckons the
Crimson-Clad Minions nearer, whispering
Words Of Torment
into their Pointed Crimson Ears.
a Crimson Fever
drips from a crimson forehead,
as Crimson Droplets Spatter a
snow-white gown.
Crimson Dreams O'erpower,
Erasing All pure, chaste Thought,
leaving only
Drops Of Crimson On The Pillowcase.

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Comments (4)

There's certainly consistency in this - in terms of the disturbing use of red as blood - though the lurid effect is modified effectively by the intimations that it's a nightmare. My guess is that you've written this stuff out now! A powerful piece of work regardless! jim
Another good one for sure, a rather grim picture painted here as well, excellent imagry, well penned etc. would love to see something happy and sweet from you as well. Coming from the dark estending towards the light for a change. What do you say, I'm sure it would be wonderful. Anway a big (10) from me on this one--Melvina
do we have another EDGAR ALLAN POE HERE you do write some cruel poems, very nasty, and straight forward, you waste no punches. with your words.
Breath-taking imagery. Very impressive Eliza...