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Drops Of Water In Time
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Drops Of Water In Time

A dropp of water falls in the Sahara.

It exists.
It did exist.
It was thought to exist.
As it evaporated, so too did the thought of it.
Even the unknown Sands it wetted whither away.

It didn’t exist, only Time survives.

We are merely a swirl in the stream of Time.
An illusory vortex.
A temporary gathering of bits.
Random atoms organized
Into an ephemeral similitude
Of lonely Permanence.

Life, love, knowledge,
All the beauty of finitude
Evaporate in infinity.

Only Time, survives.

Through love and friendship,
Let's exist together while we can,
It's a privilege denied to many.

If we take a pass on it,
If we momentarily look away,
I fear we may lose it for eternity.

Only Time will survive.
And it won't remember
I, You, We, Us, or our Love,

We are merely Drops of Water in Time.

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