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Drought In Australia
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Drought In Australia

A cloud which was designed for rain
was home to drops (that should be plain) .
The forecast had announced some showers
thus, in the early morning hours
the signal came from higher up
that all the drops jump off the top.

Two oval shaped good looking drops
took off their speedos and their tops
and slowly went up to the edge
when one of them said 'I do pledge
to never misbehave again',
the other answered 'count to ten.'

They were afraid, that much is clear
and looking down increased their fear.
God long ago had stipulated
that drops had to be marked and dated
so that the world would get its rain
because a drought is such a pain.

Well you can guess what happened then
they jumped right at the count of ten.
So many others chicken out
that's why Australia has a drought.

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Comments (4)

Very good imagination...the personification of drops was a brilliant idea.
I laughed at it....rain will never be the same for me!
you certainly have a keen imagination! Loved this.
i'll never look at rain the same way Herbert the drops will always have swimmers on pity i couldn't put a double bunger down the pants of a couple of drips i know Warm regards allan