Drowned By Love

Poem By Alice Baudoin

~ Born from your lips ~
I have danced around you,
Spent my childhood around your being,
Circled you like a spider, with dreams
That somewhere in time, you started tearing out ~ one by one ~
Leaving space in between for tear drops or dead leaves

I have juggled your ideas
Discovering worlds,
Becoming aware of things,
Feeling nourished in coming-of-age,
Finding sleep, dreams ~ nights filled with stars ~
Building health, tissue, future, and a hope

I was your creation,
~ Sparkling fuss in the palm of your hand ~
A snowflake, a day,
A fraction of time through the stars going astray
You've opened my eyes,
Guided my steps,
Caught my hand in your heartbeat

Only sun I remember
Abundantly burning
Over the endless fields of a love that was
One side of my face flooded by sun,
The other
~ Drowned by love ~

Comments about Drowned By Love

One side of my face Flooded by sun The other Drowned by love beautiful expressions and wonderful thought and imagination. i am always astount to see how different poets see things so creavtively different. thank you dear poetess. tony
Nice, sweet and deep... Beaytifully done 10+ rate

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