Poem Hunter
BB (12/08/1982 / Pittsfield, Il)


Lost inside the corridor wall
where I tend to begin to fall
and as I look up at the top
you're standing there and won't help me stop
because you're the one that pushed me down
held my head under and let me drown
with those looks of utter disgust
at my plans I try to adjust
but they will never be good for you
just like everything I try to do
and when my head begins to sink
my only hope is a lost link
that only you can help me find
but still you leave me floating behind
my body soaking in the river current
the only surviving hope you have not sent
and as my lungs fill up with water
the fire in your eyes grows even hotter
your desire to watch me die
shows itself to me when you lie
now my head sinks to the deep
so I close my eyes and fall asleep

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