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Here I am imaging if you were mine
There's so many sweet things I'd do to you
To prove how much I love you
There is no one like you
I don't spill to much about these feelings to my friends
They may say that Im so crazy to be liking someone like you
So instead, I smile and carry on like nothing else exciting is going on
I play along as if nothings happen
But Im dreaming, Im sure
Of you and I together
Everyday falls into the same category and
you and I are an endless story, but still your not here
Im drowing in my own faults
Im drowing in my own desperation
And I can barely breathe once my thoughts get heavy of you and me
I need you here with me

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This one made me cry you bad man. I can relate to the feeling within this beautiful forlorn love poem very acutely. What I try and cling to, is the moments of joy. What you describe as a vacant disinterest, but with a hidden sweet feeling, in your poem, those sorts of moments are the one that make me smile and carry on. You got to have faith that things will change to merg day dream life into your physical life, in tiny steps of course. I also rely on destiny knowing exactly where it is taking me! It should do, it's been doing for long enough! lol A very tear jerking, thought provoking poem, thanks for sharing it. Now I really need Ice! wrist burnout....ouch Tai, time for bedfordshire.