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Poem By Crystal Maresh

As I lay in this bottomless pit,
drowning in my sorrows
and in it the heartaches.
I get washed away
by the waters of loneliness.

I am drowning
I am drowning
hoping for one day
that person I love
comes and pulls me out.

As I wait in this darkness
a cold, wet darkness
I think of all the things
that could've been
and things I should've done.

As I'm drowning
my life slides right by
and I see my life as never before
I am calm now, I'm at peace
I guess cause I'm dieing

Out of nowhere
arms pull me out of the water
and holding me, tightly to his chest
I cry and he holds me close
'I love you' he says
as i fall asleep in his arms.

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Drowing in sorrow to love and romance, nice job. Rosemary