Drowning In Malaise

To be a rebel has its benefits.
Always on the prowl.
Is the rebel.
Seldom does a rebel quit to sit.
Or submissive.
Rebels will be heard.
With words that are often,
Offensive and direct.
And purposeful for a chosen effect.

Adventurous most rebels are.
They are not the ones to be convinced,
A life given to live,
From them will not be robbed.

Quick with fleeting feet.
Leaping over hurdles with nerve.
From a people,
Drowning their days away...
In malaise and self pity served.
No matter what the rebel named,
A rebel is on another level of thought.
And a rebel,
Refuses to be tamed.

Never submissive.
Or found to sit.
Never one to give up or to quit.
Always on the prowl.
Always seeking just the right fit.
Never subtle.
Or found drowning in malaise.
A rebel lives life to live it.
Not to give up.
Sitting with time to waste away.
Crotches in boxes like animals caged.
Until their drowning in malaise,
To fade to vanish.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Most rebels are adventurous that we notice from history. Hopelessness scribble mind. This poem is amazing and thought provoking...10