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Drowning In My Tears
KT (June 4 / Quitman, Texas)

Drowning In My Tears

Poem By Krista Thomas

I loved you and i knew you love me,
But your friends seemed to hate me,
Im crying out, drowning in my tears,
Losing you were my biggest fears,
I miss you holdin me and holdin you,
In this kind of situation, what do i do? ,
When nothing matters you seemed to care,
But does it have to be me, this isnt fair,
Our little secret smiles help me remember,
Of the things that happened in December,
I miss feeling your hugs and kisses,
Thinking about it and missing blisses,
Could this be real, did i really lose you? ,
Drowning in my tears, yeah its true

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Really nice poem...may i invite you to comment on my poem ***tears***
i know how you feel just like i said about my one poem i wrote that cause of my ex chris beating me everyday but i found some one new i hope you can to
Sorry you are drowing in your tears, keep your chin up. I'm sure there are guys out there who will appreciate all the love you have in your heart. Take care. Best Regards, Michael S.
Yeah...Matthew? Im Pretty sure Thats Who This One Is About. ILY! ~Megan~