GS (1966 / )

Drowning In Rage

My eyes hold tears not yet shed
when I close my eyes to sleep
I dream of you and what I lost
as the darkness slowly creeps

I cannot swim, I will drown
each day sinking deeper in despair
I see the seaweed tangling my feet
but I no longer feel or care

I'm holding my breath as I dive
trying a dead man's float
tossing myself into the sea
without a life vest or a boat

Wanting to die drown in the sea
being the sharks only food
losing blood calling him to me
I know I have come unglued

Death by torture and murder
saves me from my own suicide
cause if you kill me first
I don't lose my pride

lost in a sea of emptiness
This is what I wish to pay
slipping into unconsciousness
not caring or knowing the way

wandering the dark abyss
channeling thoughts through space
not hearing the sounds of silence
or remembering the look on your face

I am never coming back
I hope you can forget me
this is the but of my joke
pray this end you never see

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Uh. its a good poem. sort of metaphoric and symbolic. however you need to inser cammas to indicate pauses