Drowning In Reality

No more games,
or melting into fantasies.
Just the shame,
our childhood drowns in seas.

Seas of fear, regret,
and doubt.
We will never get,
a way out.

No imagining pain away,
this is completely real.
Now every single day,
happy we barely feel.

Love turns to hate,
within a short second.
It is our fate,
to end up in hell not heaven.

Fear is our boss,
we can't help but obey.
It leads us,
to waste or days.

Insanity we plead,
when fear turns to poisonous hate.
Fear is a disease,
we should have known right away.

Our minds are no longer ours.

by Everlasting Nightmare

Comments (1)

EN: You raise some intriguing questions here. I think you are correct that childhood drowns, more often than not, in a sea of fear, regret, and doubt. Despite the hopeful words at graduation ceremonies, there is always fear for the future, regret for the past, and doubt of ourselves, our talents and abilities. But it is your last line that I find most intriguing. Our minds are no longer ours. At the end of childhood, some would say our minds actually become our own. We become free of parental influences and begin to think independently. On the other hand, if fear has actually taken hold of us, then you are absolutely correct: our minds are no longer our own. The world is a frightening place for those who bother to think about it. One irony is that thought does not often instill courage; rather, it is in ignoring danger that we often find courage. You've given your reader much to ponder. Thank you for the write. -G