Drug Dealer (Part 1)

On this block 24 hours a day
Selling this shit so I can make a way
Out of this life and into a new
What's on the other side I don't have a clue
Drugs kill people faster then guns
Rolling those blunts
Watching the po po as they go on their drug hunts
Running day after day
Had a thought to myself
I gotta make a way
Too much on my mind
Any day now can be my time
But I go around pretending it's all fine
How can I get out of this life
How can I make it all right
Everyday I have to fight

(At Night)

Alone in the dark he comes up to me
I said to him what will it be
He said with a raspy voice, I'll take some weed
As I pull my stash out he had a gun
I back up because I was stunned
Was this my time to go
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by Hello World

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Well thought out and nicely penned with insight. A beautiful creation. Thanks for sharing.
dude that is good it can be rapped to your good