Drug Dealer (Part 2)

The air was cold, but my body was hot
Nervous as hell thinking that I was going to get shot
I try to pull out my gat
Tell me somebody why did I do that
The pain I felt was so unbelievable
I can't tell details that would really show
The blood was draining, I could feel it in my gut
Thats not all he shoot me in my butt
The bullets kept on going
The blood just kept on flowing

(The Alarm Went Off)

What a wonderful sound
I woke up scared lying there stunned on the ground
I was amazed it was all a dream
I was thinking about what I have seen
I got dress as I normally do

Daddy daddy I love you
I look over to my daughter and gave her a hug
Drink what was left in my coffe mug
I knew deep down inside one thing havn't change
That thing I'm talking about is that I still slang
I just want to leave it all alone, but I can't
It was easy to get in, but getting out anit

I called my boss man and ask him what was new
He sounded scared and ask me if I could come through
I said of course and I was on my way
When I got there I had this feeling that said I shouldn't stay
I wanted to be brave and went in any way
There was blood on the floor and the smell of death
3 mens hold my boss man by the neck
Something bad was going to happen I already knew
Only problem is I don't know what to do
Why is it every time I try to get out of the game they just want let me be
To see what happen check out my new poem Drug Dealer (Part III)

by Hello World

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