Poem By Jamie Parker

I put the cup to my lips
and drank the sweet wine in one go
suddenly, as though all the strengh had gone from me
I fell from my chair and I felt my eye-lids drop
I still had my consciousness but I felt like I was dead but alive
I could just see her smile
And knew she had planned this
she slid of her chair
and poured the rust of the drugged wine down my open mouth
I was to drugged to spitt it out
and swollowed...

I then felt agony pain rush through my whole body
I maneged to let out a whole moan
Then she took out a knife...and slid it down my chest...

Comments about Drugged

Thanks Raquel. You're kind words soften my heart. Jamie
I admire your poem. No, I think you should keep it. Whatever comes to mind, bring it out in the open for the world to see :) .Oh and by the way...It is a sad poem. Thank you for asking.
Does anyone think I should delite this poem because it is more of a story than a poem! Jamie Parker
This is a good poem but it could be better if it rhymed

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