Drugs (1)

Poem By Michael P. Johnson

Through drug abuse, a life can end
From God, forever lost
Even withdrawal can oft offend
At friend and family’s cost

When drugs have taken firmly hold
When life’s no more one’s own
So oft one’s pushed out in the cold
To live the fight alone

For drugs are Satan’s cunning tool
His victim’s daily bread
Where even wisdom’s made a fool
When Satan turns their head

The face of truth we need to seek
No one without can fight
But who contrite with God would speak
He greets with great delight

With no way out that man can see
Heaven is always there
And all Love needs to set us free
Is wrapped within a prayer

Christ death is true, His rising real
He sees when children fall
Ever willing a life to heal
When on His name we call

Communion works, it truly does!
Prayer kills demonic lies
We need but Christ to get a buzz
No crack to fantasize

Yet Christ, comes not to push and shove
He’ll come when we desire
To give hell’s drugs to God above
To burn with holy fire…PTO…

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