Drum Of Freedom

Freedom, freedom they shout,
freedom, freedom they say.___
Obsessed with freedom!
Freedom, freedom night and day.___

by Md. Asadullah Click to read full poem

Comments (7)

So long men remain selfish, and want to enjoy the fruit of others sweat a toil, freedom will remain an illusion. No body is really free. But what you have vividly painted is truly, a miserable existence. killing, torture, rape are fine, just shout freedom, freedom- - -is but the thieves are on board, and God help the victims. we only can pray and wish them success.
they beat the drums of freedom let it happen all over the world
Again, words of wisdom. I never heard of dacoity before, it is good to learn new words, but it would be better for the world and freedom if such words were not needed. Darla :)
An insightful, well articulated, and nicely penned poem written with intensity to drive home the point. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.
Let our our winged thought may fly freely..let the speech freedom may come true...let we eradicate poverty...freedom...a dream of animal instinct
freedom from these bonded labours of money and its vices......yes a true fact......the lines of truth snd lies had blurred to nothingness due to these freedom exploitors.....
Nice poem! let us hope your aspirations come true!