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Drum Of Victory
Subramanya Bharathi (11 December 1882 - 11 September 1921 / Ettayapuram, Madras Presidency / India)

Drum Of Victory


Beat the drum of victory! Beat it!
Beat the drum of victory!


1. The fear-demon we thrashed- The falsehood
serpent we hacked, and devoured its life
The entire world, is nectar we comprehend
A vedic life we've acquired. (Beat the drum of victory!)

2. In the sunshine we bathed - The luster's
nectar we relished and splurged
In the night came he, living beings to destroy
Yama trembled as we glared. (Beat the drum of victory!)

3. The crow and sparrow, are our caste - the extensive
oceans and mountains, our cluster
Seen in all directions is us and nobody else
And as you see it, dance along. (Beat the drum of victory!)

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