Poem Hunter
CA (April 20 1991 / Pennsylvania sadly)


Banging like a nail and hammer
Bang, Bang, boom
Drumming out the rythm of life
Crack like a whip in the air
Crack, Crack, boom
Tick like a bomb waiting to explode
Tick, Tick, boom
Smack like a hand on a face
Smack, Smack, boom
Gong like a sheet of metal being hit
Gong, Gong, Boom
Crash like a pot and pan
Crash, Crash, Boom
Shick like shakeing a rattle
Shick, Shick, Boom
Bash like hitting a watermelon
Bash, Bash, Boom
Bang, Crack, Tick, Smack,
Gong, Crash, Shick, Smash, BOOM
Break, no more drumming

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