I hear drums sound by the river
A sound like thunder makes me shiver
Calling us to war
For I know it’s the cannons roar

To my family I must say good bye
The smoke in the distant sky
As we go off to fight
Is blocking out the light

Knowing I will see death today
A duty to fight for our pay
So many will fall
To hear the patriots call

Praying that our families will be safe
Close to battle now calling on our faith
As we march along
The enemy singing its song

Many friends will fall fighting for the right
“Charge”! ! ! comes the order as we face the cannons might
For freedom is the battle cheer
In mass with no fear

The cannon cuts us down blood and bone all around
So many friends I have lost today falling on the ground
Tears in my eyes as I look from side to side
But my tears I cannot hide

Why are we fighting why are we here
As we get closer to the cannons has the enemy no fear?
I cannot hide, my eyes they are full of tears
Looking in the enemies faces they also shed a tear

Will these wars ever end after all we are all the same?
Our leaders always tell us we have to fight is it them we should blame?
All that war gives us is blood and pain! ! ! ! ! !
Should we have listened to them they are clearly insane?

by Dennis Walker

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