Drums Of The Gods

Through the glass my balls peep
My knife dissects the sheet
Cascading beneath the flying waters
One thing held out … the drums of the gods.

Darkened darkness darkens my voice
Lightening my heavy eyes
In its psychedelic beauty
Rising above the noonday evil
Unrolling the music of the sun-drum
None held out like … the drums of the gods.

Mortal peacefulness have shown nil
Immortality sort by pharaohs
Sculptured in unbeatable beauties
Mapping always for times
Their restless reigns
As standards great as memory
They alone beat … the drums of the gods.

Indeed they sought the immortal
Made themselves the immortal
Like boy-king-Pharaoh
Lying not immortal in Egypt
As the failures of the immortal kings
None holds out against their drums
Except, the drums of immortality.

by Emmanuel Ibuot

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