JA (11/30/87 / Oklahoma)


Most people get drunk
when they feel like they have sunk.
most try to go back but they might not react
as fast as they should
its to late when they realize they could.

Then there left saying they would
but it was all to heavy
and the only way to catch a break
is to wake at the end of a bottle with an unremovable ache.

So to live with themselves they remove the cap and never
look back on there severed fate.
Eventually they live there life in a crate
and realize its to late.

Next thing you know you've lost everything
wishing you could just continue leaving
it alone but you can't leave it unchecked
or you'll end up a wreck
only to be decked by life.

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Comments (1)

This is deep. I like it. A couple of minor spelling errors but the construction is sound. I like that line 'They remove the cap, and never look back, on their severed fate. Eventually they live their life in a crate.' Very evocative. Excellent.