WLL (12th March 1963 / Liverpool)

Drunkbeat Downandout

He's just a drunkbeat downandout
He don't care what people shout
Crawling through the streets at night
Looks through bins
Gets into fights
Desperate for another jar
He will visit every bar
To guzzle the liquid
down his throat
Everyone thinks that
he's a joke
His clothes are smelling
His body too
He's decomposing in front of you
Can never walk in one straight line
His brain is blasted from all the
and the
and the
you see
He is just a man
who wants to be free
Trying to forget
the horrors of his past
What good times he had
they would never ever last
So he hides in drink
and the possibility
That if he carries on like this
He'll be dead by 43
But he don't care about
any of that
'Cause he's a drunkbeat downandout
And down is where he's

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'He's decomposing in front of you.' Great line, Wayne... and excellent write! ! Brian