When I Was Once

When I was onceEKAYS

When I was once,
When I was once a nigga like them,
They nicknamed me spendthrift cause I chopped money for them
All I did was to party everytime cause life was in the right direction,
Was this hapiness or I just didn't know my life purpose?
I only raise such questions when I start to notice the difference.

The wind blew south and I decided to go north,
The bible had been there; Kays paid no attention to that,
Ring ring, they keep calling me,
They say hommie lets get some beers, Nah nah I gave my life to christ,
Nigga wassup with all these christ things?
New things for a better life.

Cause when I was once,
When I was once a nigga like them,
I used to be called Mr heartbreaker,
I understood nothing about courtship
But sex became part and parcel of my schedule,
The engine of my mercedes-benz completed half the task,
Despite my ugliness, I won many 'female-souls' with ease.

But things changed recently,
It started with one ride, just to get their attention,
They kept on screaming, shouting for more,
Guess what?
Instead of beer, I brought them the word of God,
Instead of taking them to clubs, I invited them to the chapel,
Kays something is wrong with you!
And the result is, you end up with no friends.

I start doubting, probably I made the wrong move,
Yet my bible says I should win souls for christ,
I start to worry, yet my bible says all that you desire,
Will be added unto you if you seek first his kingdom and righteousness.

Cause when I was once,
When I was once a nigga like them,
I used to cry for blessings that had already been given unto me,
I used to ask for forgiveness yet I was forgiven already,
But now, it has changed,
Because his glory has been poured upon me.

by Emmanuel Karikoga

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Beautifully envisioned meaningful and thought provoking poem. enjoyed the poem. Thanks for sharing.