Dry Fish

After getting tensed
due to watching the world news
bomb blasts, killings, terror attacks, etc.
I was relaxed on a cute question of
my kindergarten son
who was watching ‘Discovery Channel':
"Papa! Why fishes not feel wet in the water? "
But instead I reply him
I sat on the bed…half laid
putting my back on the wall
and arm on the forehead in deep thoughts
I looked at him
The question mark was still in his eyes!
I was thinking
When he will grow up
When he will step in the cruel world
When he will face the dark colour of the true world
When he will come in touch with the fake relations,
Greedy hearts, fraud minds and vice-versa
Passing through all these ups and downs
When he will smile in deep thoughts of worried mind
Then I will tell him
"Why fishes not feel wet in the water? ? ? "

by Kanwaljit Bhullar

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