Dry Tears

I cry, cry and cry,
I hope the crying will relieve me of my painful sorrow,
but I can not feel tear drops rolling on my cheeks,
my heart is crying but the tears are drying inside me.

When I lost my long time love,
I wished she would appear in the reflection of my tear drops,
The loving memories of the past played back in my mind,
the eyes would fill with drops of sadness,
but the tears of emotion would dry up inside me.

When I come home every night,
I don't find her waiting for me with her big smile,
I look at her picture and try to invite her back in my life,
the tears of memories flood my eyes,
only to dry up in a moment,
when I realize that she is gone away for good from my life.

In the lonely nights, when I miss you so much,
No one hears me crying and turning my agony in tears,
Before the tears dry up inside my heart,
I feel like I found you and liberated my soul.

by Jay P Narain

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Comments (3)

after reading the poem i can feel the wet tears, not the dry one...
that is very emotional, great poem. it touched my heart.
How my heart did sink as I read your longing words. Wonderfuly expressed. Patricia Gale