Stirring the pot,
On a flame kept hot...
Makes an interesting taste,
For those who like their lives...
Deliciously spiced and enticing.

There is a new chef in town,
Finding a soup served...
Too common and predictable.
Too self-serving and void of imagination.
And the new chef wants that changed.

'What's the new chef's name? '

In the kitchen he prefers to be called DT.
But those who are beginning to adore his flavor,
They personally desire to call him, Mister Trump.

'That's the same guy running for 'President'.'

Keep your voice down.
He's also the one,
Attracting the people who come around...
Loving what he does.
And he doesn't want it shown,
He's just doing it to flaunt his ego.

'How many hats does he wear? '

Who cares?
In these times what he prepares,
We have found deliciously unpretentious.
And direct.
He's coming out of the kitchen.
Pretend you don't notice him.

'Why? '

He likes to captivate first,
Before revealing his intentions.
Since the best of chefs,
Test to build their demographics...
Without assuming,
Who has already been sold.

'And that approach,
Leaves him Dramatically Triumphant.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

Comments (1)

Entertaining poem, Lawrence. A couple of typos you might want to fix: Line 12. HE prefers instead of HER prefers Line 22: flaunt HIS ego instead of flaunt HE'S ego Well done. By the way, did I ever tell you that you are mentioned in my poem POETRY HEAVEN?