Du Dextram Misero

Lend a hand to the wretched
for their hands
could barely carry their heart;
their hearts so frail and bruised with longing,
broken, trodden, unloved, forsaken.
Do lend an ear to the cries of children-
whether you'll miss them in eternities
or live with them, i never was certain.
Those tears which chase you in your dreams...
they'd be a melody, a sweet song
never to be played in heaven.
Lend an arm to the weak,
old men and women, lips that are lame;
abandoned by strength and beauty,
envied by death and death they seek.
Oh, many a dead people would love to have
a minute of breathing the air you breath
to lend a hand to those they love!
Do lend your heart to me.

by Jessel Jane Tevar Toring

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