Du Laesst Dich Geh'N

I know my bosom is no longer young,
the swell is gone or somewhat less attractive
there was a time that you would stare with your hot tongue
at every part of me and ask me to be active.
Yes I have shrivelled up a bit and wrinkles have now squatted
on my 'sweet face' that you would never tire of
we had our dates, subject to all the time that was alotted
by my strict Dad who screamed at us with his pipe-smoking cough.
But just this morning, when the rays of our sun
stole in the bedroom and the sheets exposed your elfin skin
I started crying when I thought how your left bun
had always been my favourite, yes, I grin
I knew right then that it would matter not at all
the outward signs of aging or the wrinkles
so let's get up my sweet and have a real ball
I will be sitting here to listen for your tinkles.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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