KC (September 30,1989 / Port Angeles, WA)

Dual Addiction

My life portrayed
placed on paper
I dilute
in all of my doubts
I vindicate my pain
with a love that's always barren
on the precipice of adrenalin
releases a part of me
while leaving behind
a plaque
of memorium

The human heart-mine alone
silenced by your thoughts untamed
but inside me living
with a love you'll never know
on the verge
of true confession
I keep quiet so not to hurt you
while I die softly
'cause it kills

These affairs I battle
lying to myself and others
the stagnant truth
it's not torture...it's reward
with these 'loves' my mind implodes
I succumb to the blades i fear
your views sever
and hide my life
while my knife
decieves my skin

Dual Addiction
rule my world

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