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Duality & Unity
HC (29 January 1947 / New York, NY)

Duality & Unity

Poem By Hugh Cobb

Crossing silent, grassy spaces
revealing stars behind velvet cloak
night chases sun into the sea.

Beneath: quiet waters,
firmament aglow with exchang'd light
Above: sunset spectacle
born of drowning day
concedes to darkness
ablaze with twilight's mauve display;

whilst far 'neath tumultuous surface
fishes bathe calmly in new sunk sun.
Exposed to light, ocean depths
explode into color. Anemones wave
& translucent men 'o war drift slowly by
as tho' sea itself had turn'd to sky.

Th'everlasting struggle's fresh begun
again at morn
as day emerges, dripping light
reflected on ocean's rolling waves:
tears of fire weep for night
while expressing light's desire to be.

Th'eternal cycle: dark & light
resonates in our deepest souls.
Order is implicit
in this sacred rite,
each cycle expressing its dual poles
which cannot be divided nor set apart:
for day & night, dark & light
are but one surging beat
of the cosmic heart.

(Copyright 12/30/2004)

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Comments (3)

I love the sense of harmony emerging out of opposites that your poem conveys. Very expressive. Julia
water water everywhere! ...so eloquent and arresting...i adore this...regards linda...btw...i half expected lizzie and darcy from the title...lol
The sense of unity in this is superb Hugh. A first reading made me ask myself whether it would have been best to have done away with writing it in stanzas and have it as one piece, but I think that the dialectic that you express: that unity can only be achieved through the seperation of parts, is brilliant. I gave this a lot of thought before commenting because I think it is your most profoundly philosophical piece.