Ducking Quacks

Even if they wobble.
Overweight from a feeding upon greed.
And appetizing on hoodwinks and deception.
More are ducking quacks.
Allowed to setback treasured values.
And standards claim sit on foundations.
Cemented and named.
To remain for centuries stable and unchanged.
Yet observing upset and disturbed,
Are many with kept pretensions to keep protected...
Aging beliefs from being attacked.
From enemies to label them jealous and vicious.
With wishes to depict every defense,
Prepares them for that.
But more entertaining to distract and approve.
Is the removal of internal beliefs.
To have them pooped upon to bash and trash.
Not to stop or prevent,
The doing of this on paths leading to greatness.
But with laughter.
And caricatures of characters.
Imaged and cartooned.
To finalize all memory of reality.
With a pledging of allegiance.
While a ridiculousness,
Is kept charaded to parade on a daily basis.

"The national anthem is being played.
Where are the leaders? "

Standing in line for hotdogs.
And one has started an argument.
Over the freshness of buns.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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More are ducking quacks are allowed to setback treasured values. Amazing observation on attitudes is presented. Argument is started by one. Only we need to see conclusion of its. This poem is very brilliantly penned...10