Ducking Tasks

Ducking tasks to not to face,
But pass to leave unfinished.
Only get bigger,
To appear in one's gaze.

Ducking tasks with hopes they pass,
Begins one to start dashing fast...
From harrassments no one out runs,
From those awaiting to do that done.

Too many attempt to dodge obstacles,
While seeking scapegoats...
Often feel provoked by puzzling troubles,
To double on their paths.

And sweating to create more escapes,
To play it safe...
Only places people like these,
Repeatedly on their knees.
Pleading they've been victimized,
By denials and lies they want others to buy.

Ducking tasks to not to face,
Does not eliminate mistakes one makes.
Or remove those doubts one can not figure out.
But heard with it to continue,
Is the trash they spew from their filthy mouths.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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