Dude's Opinion

Poem By Sandra E. Beguhn

Once there were two angels,
one said, "what do you see"?
the other turned, smiled, and said
"a man a lot like me.
There on that riverbank alone".
"Ah yes, I see him too,
but there he sits on Sunday,
you say a lot like you"?
"Yes, now look the other way,
to see the man in church,
he'll never know the heavenly peace
of a line on a five pound perch.
One will sit and listen,
and one will never hear,
the song of a bird in the willow
or the sermon that's so near.
God doesn't only live,
in the beauty of stained glass,
He's closer to that fisherman
sitting in the cold damp grass.
Because he's the one that loves Him,
and listens to His word,
not only from the pulpit
is the Creators message hear.
You see, God knows us all,
each in our separate way,
He'd rather have one fisherman
Than a hypocrite each day".

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