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Due To Climate Change And Human Destruction
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Due To Climate Change And Human Destruction

Poem By Francis Duggan

Due to climate change and human destruction of their natural habitat many species of life forms becoming rare
Though the World is only for us humans to live in and with other creatures to share
That many species of wildlife are endangered of extinction seems a sad thing to say
And every day more trees for land development are being cut away
For the children of the future there will be fewer wild creatures to see
Species extinction is a black mark in human history
So many creatures are losing out to human greed
Of far more environmentally friendly people the Human World is in need
People with legal documents of land ownership in their thinking have got it wrong
To think they own land though to the land they belong
I only say here what is already known
That what does outlive us on paper you only own
More humans less of other life forms happens for to be true
We are not environmentally friendly for to give us our due.

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I agree with you Francis.. We are exploiting nature in the name of development. Thanks for sharing You may like my poem: save me and warming