Due To Interpretation

The troubles most people have,
Are all due to interpretation.
With an excuse to remain amused,
While refusing to face them to eliminate.

You see...
There are those who choose to perceive,
Their kept delusions to be threatened.
And by the ones doing their best,
To ignore them but with little success.

And yet with the increasing mental stabilities,
Being exposed and freely released...
A peace one wishes to live is on the decrease,
As those with troubles seek to approve this 'peace'.
To fear it done without conflicts to inflict on everyone.

Troubles are kept and projected.
Mindsets accept manipulation.
And the ones experienced in deception,
Keep their mental defects under radar.
To leave the implementation to go undetected.

'Your assessment is quite severe.'

I have learned to drink my scotch on the rocks.
No ginger to aid a clarity I endear.
Nor do I have a preference for expense.
Since the pretense of it I discovered,
Had been too socially accepted.

'Then what are you doing here? '

Drinking scotch on the rocks.
Obviously you are not into it?

'No I am not.
I prefer to 'wine'.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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