AW (13th September 1941 / )

Duendes - Self-Realization At The Age Of Sixty-One

This is the next-best sex: nobody
used, disappointed, or hurt - and no-one
engendered by my spermless ejaculate.
A rug by the fire, the moon
shining through the window, 'Verklärte Nacht' playing,
pictures of hairy men kissing, hairy men squirting:
nobody used, nobody hurt, no misconnection.
Duende of climax

within a duende of solitude
like the greater duende of forest, of river
of peaceful and beautiful place
achingly real and not dependent
on hope or falsehood or people -

only dependent on something like grace...

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A very honest and forthright write Anthony, you will make a lot cringe but as the poem states, each to their own as long as no-one gets hurt. I do hope for better, for all of us though, cus I'm a optimist! Good title. Better poem. Tai
Quite an eye-opener, well written, while the rest of us are trying hard to communicate and wondering where grace is, Linda