Duke The Irresistible Charmer

With lead in hand and dawn breaking
His eyes aglow, enthusiasm aching
With alacrity and vigour, he bounds to the fore
Impatiently hurrying, he exits the door. Outdoors his venture, catering his whim
His tail wagging with oscillating vim.
In nature's garden blissfulness high,
Senses detecting flight of butterfly. Traipsing paths and in pleasure larking
Goes under trees for territory marking,
With courteous poise befriending strangers
Heartfelt warmth to highway rangers. With expectant glee, makes the home turn
Favouring the morsels that begets his burn.
With prandial contentment, excitement calmed,
With loving reverence his escort's charmed. Innocently playing he pussyfoots his toys
With pleasure and delight he simply enjoys.
Doting on children with affectionate gaze
Capturing hearts as he joyously plays. Legs in the air in laid-back fashion,
Delight expressed, a relaxing passion.
Daylight fading, resting chin on paws
Curled for sleeping following nature's laws.

by Dennis Peter Nicolle

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