I was thinking last night.
Close to midnight,
when midnight madness
drifts in from the regions
of The Tweeds.
Thinking of
the two
whithout whom
I would not now
have the pleasure
of having a few friends
and one or two
kindred spirits.
Upon reflection,
I will call them
The Dukes Of Hazzard.
Name fits like a
Berlosconi suit
or a Venetian glove.
Needless to say,
they were impressed
by their own
perception of selves.
The Dukes of Destiny
was in no direct conflict,
as one needs open lines
of communication for
skirmishes or other
touching gesture.
So, in forgiving hindsight,
they were the Hazzards,
only not as funny.

For: AJS, who didn't know my parents (the Dukes)

by Herbert Nehrlich

Comments (4)

Interesting poem, the end really does set some wonder within. Different, that is for sure.
Midnight... Wonderful angle on a persistent theme, H.
...and the Gods decreed that there be juices manufactured by man known as creative juices, their sole purpose being the creation of new life and a repeat of cycles. Yes, CREATION is a good title.....upcoming.... H
Herbert you never cease to amaze me, you are well on the way if you can get a poem and turn it into your own, and i thought it was going to be about boxing Keep well my friend Keep the creative juices flowing ALLAN