(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Death By Suicide

Death by suicide
What a selfish way to die
No faith No hope
No love No joy
Everyone faces difficulties in life
Life is not easy
It is a tough fight
Selfish are those
They think of only themselves and their suffering
They forget the shame of their families
The pain and guilt they leave behind
Years of grieving
Children left with no hope
Hearts broken
Trust lost
An example to give up
An example to have no faith
All is lost
Hand me a rope
Give me some dope
Jump off a bridge
Pull the trigger
Bang I am dead
Death by Suicide
A cowardly way to die
So much to live for
Wasted are the joys of victory
When you overcome your obstacles
Wasted is the life of growing old
And seeing your children succeed
Wasted is the love
Of your friends and families
Wasted is your reputation
Of being strong and courageous
Death by Suicide
Is no way to die
Any glorification is surely a lie
No reason to defend
No reason to feel sorry
For nobody respects the loser
Nobody respects someone who gave up
No matter what they did in life
Death by suicide
Think of your loved ones
Before you say goodbye
Seek God to be by your side

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Comments (4)

Interesting poem, the end really does set some wonder within. Different, that is for sure.
Midnight... Wonderful angle on a persistent theme, H.
...and the Gods decreed that there be juices manufactured by man known as creative juices, their sole purpose being the creation of new life and a repeat of cycles. Yes, CREATION is a good title.....upcoming.... H
Herbert you never cease to amaze me, you are well on the way if you can get a poem and turn it into your own, and i thought it was going to be about boxing Keep well my friend Keep the creative juices flowing ALLAN