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Dull Side Of A Knife
WM (02/23/1985 / West Palm Beach, FL)

Dull Side Of A Knife

I miss the way your kisses taste
The safety I felt in your arms
I hope our love wasn't a waste
I hope I didn't cause you harm

I love you and I hate you
All at the same time
The night you got that tattoo
I'm no where near fine

I got the blues from you
I found loneliness myself
I hope you know my love was true
And it's always on my hearts shelf

If our love was a book
It would be a short one
If our love was a crook
It would be Billy The Kids son

The highway calls my name
But I can't answer its call
Until I loose this old flame
And brave the 100ft squall

I need a woman by my side
And a song for the part
My mistakes I confide
I'll try to lie to my heart

It's been awhile
Since you've been around
Now I rarely smile
I can't help but frown

I'm still living my life
But I feel empty inside
Like the dull side of a knife
My pain I've denied

My friends mean well
But how could they know
How to help when I don't tell
And my pain I don't show

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