Dumb Love

From trough I look to the cusp:
Series of memories yet sharp
Pass through mind in vivid colours
Of hopes, fears, grief and pleasures,
Crowding like bees to its hive
And I lose in the past's clutches alive.

Time contrived to bring us so close,
Circumstances strived to blossom rose,
And we were caught in love's cool net,
Nestled together to be caught in its net,
So tight that no time nor fear us part,
Nor conventions nor fate ever split.

But alas, we were against norms,
Like a bolt that falls on placid pond
That stirs waves, brings commotion around;
Should we, or should not we, we asked,
And renounced claim for peace's sake,
We renounced love for love's sake.

It shattered us; kept the world intact;
Seized with grief, it kept us apart,
Willingly we shed pleasures of life;
Though never we meet or interact,
We keep our bridge firm and rife,
Go devoted to each in soul and heart.

It's trough of life, yet cusp of soul;
Though eyes not see, together always,
In soul and heart we intermingle;
Oft we cry for being so apart,
Yet we bloom for being so close,
And do not know it, a blessing or curse.

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