Dumbfounding Those With A Nose Disease

There is a solution,
For those who become irritated...
By others who seem not to be able,
To mind their own business.

It is suggested to develop multiple interests,
In diverse areas...
That appear to be completely disconnected,
By the ones infected by this nose disease.

Announce publicly a specific interest,
That will attract nose diseasers to focus on it...
With their creative comments, criticisms, etc.
While those other areas of interests...
Are free to flourish without detection.

Of course...
An unsuspecting attention is given,
As a flourishing noticed begins.
Dumbfounding those with a nose disease,
With the shutting of their puzzled mouths

These and other antidotes to protect one's business,
As well as one's happiness in communities...
Where an active dipping into other people's business,
Satisfies a cost effective entertainment...
Can be implemented to decrease aggravation.
With thought and aggressive conscious strategy applied.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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